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About Us

CoronerME.com was developed by Coroners for Coroners. 

Terry Gray and Andy Rumph have both served terms as Coroner in Jackson County, Indiana and are currently serving as Deputy Coroners.  Terry and Andy, the developers of the program, along with Chris Snodgrass, our finance officer, together have over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of Death Investigation, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Department, and Mortuary Business.

During our terms as Coroner in Jackson County, we have wanted to bring a case management program to our department, however, the lack of funding and the high cost of the available case management software prohibited that.

CoronerME.com was developed because of a perceived need by counties in Indiana and abroad that needed a case management system but budget constraints prevented the ability to "computerize". Since introducing CoronerMe.com to Coroners across the United States we have acquired contracts for several states that use our system "State-Wide" at absolutely NO cost for Coroners due to grants provided to the Coroners by the individual states in exchange for vital information received through CoronerME.

 Though, there are other programs available, none are web based and none are as affordable as CoronerME.com.  However, don't let the affordable price deter you from seeing this as a quality product with many outstanding features. I doubt that you will find another program that is as complete and useful as CoronerME.com.

Terry Gray